Friday, December 19, 2014

Choco-Fudge Cake

by Radhika

Hellooss friends, baking is so much fun when things  turn out to be really yummy!!!! So was the case with this Choco-Fudge cake, it came out so soft and yummy that I couldn't stop myself from sharing the recipe. Please do try this one at home and make yourself and the loved ones Happy!!!


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Rainbow/Multi-Colour Cake (Christmas Giveaway Contest)

by Rimple

Hello everyone, Presenting to you guyzz a lovely Rainbow/Multi-Colour Cake, this one is for the ongoing event ”Christmas Giveaway Contest” by our very own Rimple, yes by now I think you all know what an awesome Cook she is!!! : )


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spaghetti All'Arrabbiata

by Radhika

Hello Folks, this is my first post as a writer on Hobby Chef, I have already posted two of my baking recipes Zebra Marble Cake & Mocha Cake (click on the name for the recipe)  as a part of the ongoing Christmas Giveaway Contest. I made this Spaghetti All’Arrabbiata this Sunday and everyone at home just loved it, so thought of sharing the recipe with you guys hope you like it!!!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Online Fruits & Vegetables Sellers in Delhi & NCR

by Aman

Hello Friends, I would like to share my experience on online vegetable shopping in Gurgaon and  a  list that I have complied together, of the online fruits & vegetables seller in Delhi and NCR. Yes, in today’s busy and hectic life online shopping is such a relief, but I never thought I will be shopping vegetables online, seriously!!

I have experienced the services of Fruggies and Freshveggy only from the list given below and was quite happy with both of them, have mentioned the details, further in the post. As a declaimer I would like to mention that tried to note down the information as per the best of my knowledge, if you have any additions to it  please do mention in the comments below.

If you guys have personal experience with any of the below mentioned (or other) seller please mention the comments below so that others can benefit with the information  provided by you.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Egg Muffins (Christmas Giveaway Contest)

by Madhurima

Hello guyzz, after all those sweet encounters, now enters a savory Egg Muffins recipe to our ongoing event Christmas Giveaway Contest. This recipe is submitted by Madhurima, who is a renowned Home Chef from Kolkata and has been serving her customers the lip-smacking food and cakes since the year 2012. I being a great fan of eggs, just loved this recipe and feeling very delighted to post this for you guys.


Carrot & Beetroot Cake (Christmas Giveaway Contest)

by Komal

Komal says that she honestly believes “Health is Wealth”, therefore has send us a very healthy recipe of Carrot Cake and Beetroot which is flavoured with Ginger and Cinnamon, a perfect cake for winters I must say!!!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Eggless Marble Cake (Christmas Giveaway Contest)

by Arti
Hello Friends, here comes one more entry for our Christmas Giveaway Contest, which is Eggless Marble Cake by Arti Khullar, she is a recipe blogger herself and has made this cake using whole wheat flour and that’s no doubt a very healthy option, but one can substitute this with equal quantity of plain all purpose flour as well. I must say that’s a great idea Arti!!!
Eggless Marble Cake

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Zebra Marble Cake (Christmas Giveaway Contest)

by Radhika
Okay now here comes the second entry for this contest by Dr. Radhika, and I must say living up to its name cake has a perfect Zebra Pattern. So like I said in the last post, please do pour a lot of comments and likes to make this event a success : )

Mocha Cake (Christmas Giveaway Contest)

by Radhika

First entry by Dr.Radhika to our on going contest, soft and moist Coffee Cake!!! Looks Yummy isn’t it??? I am very excited to post this and you guys also please do post lots of comments & likes to make this contest a success.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Giveaway Contest

by Neetu

Hellos everyone, whatssup!!!

Hope you guys are doing great as usual and so am I, well today I want to announce a giveaway contest for all my readers and followers as a note of thanks for all the love and confidence that you people have shown towards me and Hobby Chef.